About Me 


What can I say? I enjoy a good cocktail, but I also want to know the history of Crème de violette and the Aviation cocktail, and I hate gin so I make mine with vodka. I also want to explore the zeitgeist that created it so I watch The Great War on PBS. On the other hand, I  also enjoy reading pulp sci-fi steampunk alternate histories of the WWI era like The Nomad of Time filled with anarchists and airships.


And I want to tell you all about it.

Basically I’m that annoying pontificating drunk at a party who just won’t shut up.


So please enjoy my recipes and send me yours!  I must be honest and admit I haven't updated this site since 2019 because it's too much work for very little reward. However, you can see my most recent creations on my Kindred Cocktails profile. Their site is a billion times better than mine and I post all my best ones from here on there as well as new ones.


Oh, and I also do photography which is another reason I don't do much on here anymore. And I’m not as cool as I look in the photo, and I only rode my scooter once. Since then it's been lingering in my garage, never to be ridden again, much like Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose.


I really only drive a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan and I love it. Don't judge or hate on me.

Lastly, these recipes all include booze, so if you're 21 you don't belong here but it's probably too late now.

Send me your cocktails and comments:

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